Our Mission

Sulu Sea

Sulu Garden Foundation is named after Sulu Sea, the largest inland sea in the Philippines. Our mission concentrates on this sea and the provinces that surround this sea. These provinces have a diversity of cultures and religions yet have shared history and traditions.

We aim to contribute: [1] to the improvement of the quality of life of the communities surrounding this inland sea through its PRIDE Program which include Heritage awareness and preservation of history and culture; [2] to the development of applied scientific knowledge useful to preserve the environment and knowledge based scientific approaches to improve the health and economic welfare of the people; and [3]  to create linkages to these communities through the Arts Program of the Foundation with a view of bringing old and indigenous craftsmanship to connect with the modern world.



Sulu Map

Location of our home office in Miag-ao [red pointer] in southern Panay Island in the Sulu Sea.