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Our Location

Sulu Garden Foundation

Zulueta Avenue, National Highway

Miag-ao, Iloilo

5023 Philippines

How to get here

We are located along the National Highway between Miag-ao Church and UP Visayas campus entrance.  See our location via GoogleMaps. 

By sea and by plane:

Our nearest airport is in Iloilo City. Direct flights are possible from via Manila or Cebu city (1 hour flight). By sea, there’s a ferry from Bacolod city and Cebu.

From Iloilo City:

You can take the Ceres Bus Line.  Choose the bus going to Antique and tell the conductor that you wish to get off in Sulu Garden in Miag-ao.  By jeepney, take the one going to San Joaquin to avoid too many stops and let the conductor know to drop you off at Sulu Garden.  

From San Jose, Antique:

You can take the Ceres Bus Line going to Iloilo city. When you reach Miag-ao, you can see our sign on your right just after the entrance to UP Visayas campus.